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About Us

PPC Limited was formed to be a consultative business resource that focuses on providing outsourced Managed Print Services for organisations to corporate multinationals.

Managed Print Services from PPC Ltd. combines the skills of a service-focused consultant with robust technology and tools for detailed asset print management. Office equipment resellers, those focused on hardware sales, are just not accustomed to the time investment required to properly manage this important service.

Armed with advanced monitoring technology we study your usage and cost trends to provide cost-effective MPS support and while increasing your productivity through rationalised device deployment and streamlining all your document and scanning workflows. Throughout our relationship, we manage your print fleet (and your documents, across all devices), make process recommendations through replacements, upgrades or redeployment and provide trustworthy advice for strategic future planning. In addition, PPC provides equipment utilisation, supplies management, user support, expert call centre support, technical response and more.


PPC's founding was the result of a corporate executive and business experience in the printing industry.

These invaluable skills and industry insights are the foundation of a high value and trustworthy MPS service.By recruiting knowledgeable technical staff and infusing them with front line tools and skill sets, we’ve empowered our clients with every opportunity to understand and optimise their print environment.


Look to PPC for MPS based consulting, to assess your current print environment, improve it with innovative design and implementation and to fully manage it with leading technology and support.

Our Process

Our team examines your current document usage, business needs and associated costs to assess your total print environment.

We use specific tools and software to gather the required information. 

Step 1


We create new document infrastructure and print policies, streamlined and rationalised to reduce cost and allow your IT team to focus on its core business needs. 

Step 2


Agreed devices are upgraded and/or replaced and put in situ, from delivery to installation. 


The agreed print policy specifications are put in action, users are trained on streamlining their printing needs through the new workflow processes and print drivers installed. 

Step 3


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